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Baseline of Architectural Windows


Baseline information of architectural windows and glazing is necessary for any energy modeling and simulation when it comes to design optimization and performance comparisons. Such information basically includes U-factor, SHGC, and visible transmittance, which are not independently determined because of the limits of the current windows and glazing materials and related technologies.

typical window radiative responses.png
Glass Panes
LSG distribution of current products_edited_edited.png
data modeling.png
Regression model

𝑺𝑯𝑮𝑪= 𝒇(𝑻𝒗,𝜺) = 𝟎.𝟎𝟖𝟓+𝟎.𝟎𝟖𝟓 𝑻𝒗 + 𝟏.𝟒𝟗𝟓∗𝜺 + 𝟎.𝟓𝟖𝟓∗𝑻𝒗^𝟐 − 𝟎.𝟎𝟏𝟔∗𝑻𝒗∗𝜺 − 𝟏.𝟕𝟒𝟗∗𝜺^𝟐 

(R-squared 0.81 and NRMSE 6%)
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