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Shevvaa Beiglary

  • Master of Architectural Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology

  • Bachelor of Architectural Engineering from Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman

My name is Shevvaa, which in my native tongue translates to "eloquent." I'm from Kerman, a small Iranian town close to the Lut desert. I became interested in architecture as a child since my town had great historical structures that date back 900 years as well as fascinating vernacular architecture, which inspired me to major in architecture as both an undergraduate and graduate student. My hobbies include exploring different cultures and learning foreign languages. I speak Farsi, English, and Arabic, and my next aspiration is to learn Mandarin because I am captivated by Chinese poetry and art. My other interests include night sky photography, natural perfumery (aromatherapy), and the world of crystals and minerals.

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