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Lucas Zhao

Postdoctoral Fellow

Qiuhua Duan

Ph.D. Candidate

Enhe Zhang

Ph.D. Student

Laura Hinkle

Ph.D. Student

Rahman Azari

Affiliated Research Fellow

Yanxiao Feng

Ph.D. Candidate

Nan Wang

Ph.D. Student

Neda Ghaeili

Ph.D. Student

Former Advised Students and Scholars

Join Us

Please e-mail me or other lab members if you are interested in joining us as a student or postdoctoral researcher.


Graduate students

Although our research project topics are quite interdisciplinary, the core skills and knowledge we are looking for are within the intersectional area between architectural illumination and mechanical engineering. So, if you are  interested in both areas, highly motivated, and academically strong, you may be a good fit in our lab. Most of our research works are heavily relying on photometry, thermodynamics, spectral power distribution analysis, infinite element analysis, customized building performance simulation, data sensing, processing, and analytics, subjective experiments, and design platform integration via programming. Students with these experiences are preferred. We also welcome students who are from the other disciplines (e.g., material science, optical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering) but with a strong desire to gain new knowledge in architectural engineering and pursue interdisciplinary research within the building environment context. In all cases, our lab encourages students to explore, design, and execute their research on their own, with me as a collaborator. 

Undergraduate students

We welcome undergraduate students to participate in our lab research projects throughout the year. Student researchers will mainly work on hands-on experiments, data sensing/processing, subjective testing, etc. We could offer funded opportunities.

Post-doctoral scholars

We welcome inquires regarding post-doc possibilities in our lab. The current position is about solar film design and thermal/optical analysis for greenhouses.

Lab Director

Associate Professor



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